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Entrance fees: 

  1. Jordanians and Residents : 1JD per person, per day
  2. Non-Jordanian accomodated visitors (Visitors who have spent an overnight in Jordan)
    1. One day entry:       50 JoD
    2. Two days entry:     55 JoD
    3. Three days entry:   60 JoD
  3. Non-Jordaniain non-accomodated visitors (Visitors who have not spent an overnight in Jordan):  90 Jod
  4. All children under 15 yrs. irrespective of nationality:  Exempt from all charges

Additional optional costs

Hire of a Carriage (from Entrance Gate to Khazne): JD 20
Hire of a Carriage (from Entrance Gate to Qasr al-Bint): JD 40 (This service will only be provided to the “elderly” (no age limits set yet) & persons with “Special Needs” (not yet defined))
Hiring of a Camel (From Khazne to Qasr al-Bint):  JD 10
Hiring an official Guide (Main Spine [Ancient City Tour]):  JD 50
Hiring an official Guide (Deir Trail): JD 20
Hiring an official Guide (High Place of Sacrifice): JD 20
Telephone number of the Visitor’s Centre:  +962 (0)3 215 6020

Where the money goes 

JD 21 of the total cost of the ticket is paid to the Ministry of Finance; the balance goes to the government authority that manages the Region of Petra, the Petra Development Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA). 25% of moneys sent to the Ministry of Finance accrued from entrance fees, are allocated in the annual budget to the PDTRA and 10% to the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) for conservation activities. 


Opening times

The site is open from 6am to 6pm during the summer and from 6am to 4 pm in winter.  The Park police try to move tourists out of the site before dark because the terrain is difficult to manage in the dark.

Click here to see the old entrance fees structure.