Petra Projects

List of all Projects Carried Out in Petra

Jabal Haroun Excavations

Abodes Chapel

AL We’ira/Habis

Wadi Mataha


Conway High Place

Wadi Abu Ollegha

Colonnaded Street Excavations

Nabataean Private Residence

Neolithic Site of Beidha

Edomite Settlement of Um al-Biyara

Reconstructing Archaeological Remains in Petra

Main Theatre Excavations


Religious Niches of Sadd al-Ma`jan

Roman Inscriptions from the Siq

Petra al-Katuteh Excavations

Explorations of the al-Deir Plateau

Survey of Sabra

Study/Survey of the Architecture of the Bdul Bedouins

Archaeological Exploration of Ba`ja III

Excavation & Restoration of Qasr al-Bint

The Early Bronze Age Settlement of Um Saysaban

Excavation of the Neolithic Site of Basta

Medieval Petra Project

Es-Sadeh: An Important Edomite-Nabataean Site

The Urban Space of Greater Petra, Caravan Roads & Stations

Analysis of Sandstone Weathering of the Theatre

Al-Wu’eira Crusader Castle

Late Islamic Villages in the Greater Petra Region

Khirbat al-Mu’allaq: An Edomite Fortress & A Late Islamic Village

Zurraba Project (PNT)

The Petra Church

Jabal al-Qseir: A fortified Iron II (Edomite) Mountain Stronghold

Stone Preservation Project

Edomite Occupation of Jabal Khubtha

From Edomite to Late Islamic: Jabal al-Suffaha

North Ridge Project: The Ridge Church

Architectural Investigation on the Building Techniques of the Nabataeans

Khirbat an-Nawafla Archaeological Project

Al-Basit Neolithic Site

Al-Majaen Dam Project

Study/Survey of the Biodiversity of Petra (PNT)

Rehabilitation of Johann Ludwig Burckhardt Archaeology Centre (PNT)

Restoration of the Nabataean Hydraulic System in the Siq (PNT)

Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment Project (PNT)

Roman Street Project

Ba’ja Neolithic Project

Lithotypes of Rock-Carved Monuments in Petra – Classification & Petrographical Properties

Archaeological Component of the Wadi Musa Water Supply & Wastewater Project

Signs Project (PNT)

Study/Survey and Clearance of Siq al-Mudhlim Tunnel (PNT)

Jabal Haroun Project

Elji Village

Excavation & Survey of Wadi Mataha

Jabal Haroun Restoration

Shammasa, a Fortified Suburb of Ancient Petra

Khirbat ad-Dahba Excavation

Excavations at the Petra Small Temple

North Ridge Project: Petra Blue Chapel

Al-Habis Crusader Castle

Khazne Courtyard Excavation

Field Guide to the Plants & Animals of Petra (PNT)

Radar Investigations in Petra's Necropolises

The Hellenistic Petra Project: Excavations in the Civic Centre

Study/Survey of the Impact of Flash Floods on the Khazne Courtyard & Areas Flanking it (PNT)

Cleaning & Excavation of Renaissance Tomb

Obodas Chapel Project

Capacity Building Programme for the Conservation Branch of the Petra Archaeological Park (PNT)

Temple of the Winged Lions


Petra Great Temple

Petra Papyri

The Petra Garden and Pool Complex

Sacred Area Around Qasr al-Bint

Shaqarat Masiad Neolithic Excavation & Survey Project

International Wadi Farasa Project

Traditional Water Techniques, Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future (PNT)

Field Guide to the Plants & Animals of Petra (PNT)

Beidha Documentation Project

Khazne Courtyard Excavation

Biomineralisation Project

North Ridge Project – Nabataean Tombs and Domestic Complexes