Education Outreach & Awareness (EOA)

Established in 1989, Petra National Trust (PNT) is a registered Jordanian nongovernmental (not-for-profit) organization whose mission is to promote the preservation, protection, and conservation of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. PNT has successfully coordinated preservation projects and studies on such issues as the Nabataean hydrological systems, biodiversity, the geophysical stability of the Siq, and the unique Nabataean wall painting at Beidha. It has also implemented projects related to site management and zoning, capacity building for employees of the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP), and the safeguarding of Petra's rich and diverse natural heritage.
PNT also works with local communities to raise awareness about the cultural and natural values of Petra by underscoring the inextricable link between good practices in cultural heritage management and long-term economic gains. In 2010, PNT developed and delivered education initiatives to children and youth of the Petra region. PNT's programs aim to instill those values that render Petra a World Heritage site and the importance of its preservation for the benefit for the community, Jordan and the world at large.
PNT’s youth education programs provide young people with opportunities to learn about their rich history of the various civilizations that have made Petra their home. As such, these education programs are designed to encourage the children and youth of Petra to take ownership of that heritage by forging a sense of pride in their identity as modernday Jordanian heirs to the legacies of those past cultures, be they Roman, Nabataean, or Byzantine. Our programs also expose youth to topical issues related to the current state of preservation of the archaeological site that are of relevance to them as community members and stewards of Petra’s heritage.
Between 2010 and 2015, PNT designed, piloted and offered the residents of the Petra region 23 Junior Ranger (JR) workshops involving 362 young people and 84 volunteers (who assist with the delivery of the programs, and are also residents of Petra's surrounding communities); 32 Youth Engagement Petra (YEP) workshops involving 762 young people; and 3 Training of Trainers (TOT) program with 35 teachers. A total of 1245 children, youth and teachers from Petra have benefited from PNT's education programs since 2010.
Since 2015, recognizing the need to expand its reach and impact, and given the experience gained over the past five years, PNT is now working on expanding its Education, Outreach and Awareness Programs beyond the Petra region. Petra and other heritage sites in Jordan can only be protected if cultural heritage awareness and appreciation expands to communities throughout the country. PNT intends on accomplishing this through building on its success in Petra and adapting its Petra programing to other locations and governorates in Jordan. While continuing to grow and solidify its work in Petra, PNT has started doing this by seeking partnerships with national bodies and local communities to launch its Youth Heritage Clubs (YHCs); in partnership with the HM Queen Rania’s Madrasati Initiative, PNT is now piloting these clubs in five Governorates. In addition to the “clubs” PNT is also piloting a customized Youth Ranger (YR -age group 16-18) workshop for the town of Ma’an highlighting cultural heritage specific to that town.