Petra is a unique marvel where nature and man have joined to create this extraordinary phenomenon. Its excavated sites, stone façades, monuments, and long history attract people from around the world. The region is an unusual microcosm of the broad sweep of human civilisation, including the Epipaleolithic, Neolithic, Edomite, Nabataean, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Islamic and contemporary periods. The region stands as a dramatic testament to the art, wealth, and technological skills shared between great ancient civilisations.
Petra National Trust, a Jordanian non-governmental organization, aims to promote and coordinate Jordanian and international efforts to preserve the unique combination of antiquities, natural environment and human traditions in the Petra region. PNT has worked to bring together people in Jordan and abroad who are committed to that same goal.
HRH Princess Dana Firas, representing Petra National Trust as President of the Board, has advocated for heritage protection and preservation as a foundation for development, responsible tourism, political identity and participation. Most recently, HRH Princess Dana's participation in the UNWTO has resulted in cultural heritage protection and awareness to become part of UNWTO declarations.